30 Oct 2023

Capturing the Magic: The Beauty of the First Look on Your Wedding Day

What is a First Look? You may have heard of a “first look” on the wedding day. If you haven’t, let me explain. A first look is when you and your fiance get to see each other before the ceremony when you are both dressed and ready to walk down the aisle. There are many reasons for doing one, but what are they? Let’s discuss that here. Why Choose a First Look? Choosing to have a first look is often […]

10 Sep 2020

Weddings in the Year of COVID

Writing this is a record of what couples and we have gone through this year (2020), with the pandemic. During this year, we had 29 weddings booked, and all but 8 of them postponed to next year. It left devastation with couples, vendors and everyone in disarray. Venues closed, limits on guests, social distancing, banned dance floors. All were the norm this year. But our year had it’s interesting stories to tell as well. We had one couple hire us […]

19 May 2020

Why should you get a videographer at your wedding?

In my many years of doing videography, It seems that the job of a videographer is not as important than a photographer. But how I see it is that a videographer is no less important than a photographer. We deal with different things. A videographer is someone who records your special day in a way that is beautiful and timeless. Yes, we bring a lot of equipment. But it takes a lot of equipment to memorialize your wedding day. So […]

13 May 2020

Just a little traffic accident couldn’t keep these two apart.

It was a pleasant September day in 2018. The Northern Michigan scenery was a spectacle to view. As we normally do, my assistant, Jessica and I started bright and early to head to Traverse City for a wedding. The first stop was to the venue, where we dropped off some of our reception equipment. This is a normal practice of a typical wedding day. 11:00 am – Arriving at Reception Venue We arrived at the venue without incident and took […]

28 Apr 2020

Why you can’t use your first dance song on your film.

Artists (including photographers, videographers, musicians, painters, sculptors, etc) are protected under Copyright law. So we can create “artwork” that don’t want stolen and used by others with out compensation.

27 Apr 2020

What to look for when looking for a videographer.

So you are engaged and you are looking for all your wedding vendors. And one of your friends suggested getting a videographer. A videographer… what?!? what is that? who did I hire?