What to look for when looking for a videographer.

So you are engaged and you are looking for all your wedding vendors, and one of your friends suggested getting a videographer. A videographer… what?!? what is that? who do I hire? What do they do? What makes them so different? These are standard questions, we hear about all the time. However, looking for a videographer is just about as daunting as looking for a Photographer. Since they essentially are doing the same job, just with different media. So I am came up with some things to look for when looking for a videographer.

First look at their work.

If you do your research, watch their videos. If their videos have a look and feel for what appeals to you, then this is the number one thing to put on your list. Every videographer has a certain style. Don’t try to change that. You cannot hire a videographer that does not match the style you are going for and expect a cheaper one to match it.

Second, do they capture audio?

One thing that many couples don’t know to ask is, do they capture audio? What do I mean by that. Think about it this way. Imagine you are in the back of the church during the ceremony and your videographer is respectful (and we will get to that shortly) and tries to not be a distraction. He/she is recording your ceremony from the back, but your guests in the back can hardly hear your vows. Well, the videographer’s camera can’t hear it either. So they would not be able to play your vows in the video, because they did not record it.

So how does a professional videographer capture audio. They use a number of different systems. primarily, the groom AND officiant (or pastor, priest, etc) should be wearing a simple recorder or a lav mic on them that the videographer provides OR worse case scenario, the videographer should have the equipment to hook into a sound system at the church, DJ, or venue’s system. If your videographer doesn’t do that, then go to the next person.

Third, How respectful are they?

Respect is the keyword here. A great videographer should be a great team member. Someone who respects that your photographer is also trying to get their own shots, and not constantly blocking the photographer or disrespecting what they are trying to do. (this goes both ways, and the photographer should also be a team player).

Also a great videographer should respect your guests and not become a distraction. Many videographers like to be upfront during ceremonies and block your guests views. So how do you find this out? Ask them how they record during ceremonies. The best way is to read testimonials, and/or ask your photographer if they have ever worked with the videographer you are thinking of. Another option is many photographers can recommend a videographer, if they are recommending them, then that means they had a great experience with them..


So in all realty, do your research, ask others, read testimonials. A great videographer should have great reviews and great recommendations. Remember it is not all about price. This is the single most important day in your lives, invest in your wedding day, and remember the voices and the moments. A good videographer can range between $2,000 – $3,000. So they are about equal in price to your photographer. Happy hunting.

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