Weddings in the Year of COVID

Writing this is a record of what couples and we have gone through this year (2020), with the pandemic. During this year, we had 29 weddings booked, and all but 8 of them postponed to next year. It left devastation with couples, vendors and everyone in disarray. Venues closed, limits on guests, social distancing, banned dance floors. All were the norm this year. But our year had it’s interesting stories to tell as well. We had one couple hire us the day before their wedding, because a video team canceled two nights before. But we also had this couple….

Kari and Quintin are your typically “gorgeous” couple, and they had many impacts that left them hanging. They decided to keep their original wedding date and have it up at Crooked River Weddings (http://www.barnweddingvenue.com) with close family and friends. It was a gorgeous evening (after the gentle rain stopped). And we were there to record it.

Fast forward a month and a half, and they were going to have their bigger wedding, but ended up being a backyard tent with less than 60 people. Before this happened, they were getting told by several other vendors that they could not do it. And were left hanging. So at this moment, the bride relied on me as a shoulder to cry on and we were happy to help. Which we could understand her stress. All the moments and excitement and big celebrations, were pulled from under her. The day of her dreams was wiped away like so many other bride’s dreams in 2020.

So with the help of Amber Henry, we created those moments in her studio and I was there to record her second special day! But wanted to share with you her words from her page about us:

” Jeff Carpenter rode through this crazy Covid wedding ride with us from the very start. Every time we spoke he eased my mind and reminded me everything would be alright and he’d be there no matter what we decided. He was up for anything we threw at him along the way. When we had to postpone the first time it was a big heart break. With some family illness and life’s uncertainties we were scared to wait “too long” so about 12 days prior to our original date we threw an elopement together with some of our loved ones and Jeff was right there to capture it all!

“Even though we had already moved our contract to a completely different date. He has the kindest heart and some amazing talent. Then came our postponed date. We got the call that our venue couldn’t go through with the wedding and we were asked to pospone again. We just couldn’t. It wasn’t right for our situation and we pushed forward planning a makeshift backyard celebration and once again Jeff was there down for the ride. Our hearts were in the right place. We unexpectedly lost our Uncle just days before the big day everyone in our family had been looking forward to. Everything just felt hopeless. Then I get a call from Jeff asking if Quinn and I would come to the State Street Bridal Suites for some pictures by Amber Henry Photography (conveniently right next to the salon I was getting ready at). Let me tell you what… I cried. This woman owed me nothing. No favors what so ever. Jeff had already showed us so much kindness and then for Amber to offer this out of the kindness of her heart put all my faith back in humanity at a time where I was contemplating if there were any good hearted people left in this world.You guys we had SO much fun. We laughed and had the best time im the studio with her little team. For the first time in weeks I forgot about all the chaos happening with the wedding and just in the world in general. It was the absolute best gift & one of my most favorite parts of the entire day. Amber Henry & Jeff we whole heartedly thank you guys again for everything. It was all meant to be.”

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